Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Tugas MOS : Buat pengalaman Pribadi

Parangtritis on vacation

carry out the national exam of my classmates are planning to vacation together. We consulted on that day to pick a vacation spot. There are arguing with each other and there are proposed for outbound. it's time we all had agreed to outbound, but there are many considerations. one of which the cost is too expensive and just simply a few hours. then we have to think again and proposing to go to the beach. and the beach is a beach that we were headed Parangtritis and Depok. and vehicles that we use are the Mini Bus and the cost is relatively cheap at Rp 18,000. we agreed to depart on Wednesday, May 30, 2012. hours of 7:00 must have arrived at the school intersection.

and it's time on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 for our joint refreshing. at the time I left home at 6:30 with a motor. after arriving at the intersection of school was a lot of my friends are yet to come. and after everything came, me and my friends went to the Mini Bus. in the long journey of approximately 3 hours. after I got there we immediately changed to follow the game that has made ​​my friends. groups and the game is quite unique and fun. I happen to win the group 2 and get a prize of a snack. and all that we are for the average. after the game me and my friends playing in the water and there is also a bath, approximately 2 hours. after that you go back to the bus to continue the trip to the beach depok. traveling from coast to coast depok Parangtritis close enough. Depok stelah to the beach you go to the fish market to buy souvenirs. there is a wide range of fish that are sold and the price is quite expensive.

after that we find the diner for lunch. and while waiting for our food served to find a place to worship midday prayers. after that we went back to the diner. after all the food served and then we eat together. there we enjoy good food and of course delicious. after dinner, we bought a souvenir in the form of dent shrimp and other foods. then we went back to the bus for the journey home. on the way home we feel tired all day at the beach and most of us sleep and on arrival at the intersection of school we all went back to their homes safely. My personal experience so that I can say

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